Traveling To Wisconsin Dells On A Budget

    traveling to wisconsin dells on a budget

    Traveling to Wisconsin Dells can be an expensive endeavor. However, you can make traveling to Wisconsin Dells on a budget doable with proper planning and preparation.

    By utilizing a few tricks and tips, only staying at budget-friendly lodging options, visiting during low season, and knowing where to find the best deals – you can make traveling to Wisconsin Dells on a budget the vacation of lifetime.

    Here’s how:

    Tips & Tricks

    • Visit the big resorts, but lodge elsewhere. While occasionally staying at a resort that offers exclusive deals that include park passes is a bargain, most times you’re better off visiting the big parks during the day and staying elsewhere.
    • Sometimes all you need is a little water. If you have younger children then chances are they don’t care about the “biggest, baddest, wettest, etc.” waterpark around. No, most likely your younger children just want a place where they can splash around and play until their hearts’ are content.
    • Make sure to walk while you’re in Wisconsin Dells. Parking is often pricey downtown and those daily fees can add up. Park a few blocks away on a side street and save a few bucks by walking for a few minutes.
    • Chances are your cheap motel or lodging option may not offer a complimentary breakfast. This is no big deal. Grab bagels, cereal, and milk at a local grocery store instead of eating breakfast out everyday. This saves money and enables budget travelers to enjoy more of the fine dining available in Wisconsin Dells later in the day.

    Best Places To Stay

    • Small family owned motels often offer cheap lodging in close proximity to all the biggest attractions in Wisconsin Dells. While you may be missing a few amenities the large resorts offer, you will save a nice chunk of change.
    • Don’t discount the resorts and large waterpark hotels right off the bat. While some are pricey, other can be downright cheap. Nightly rates for a hotel room with complimentary passes to all theme and water parks at a place like Mt. Olympus Hotel Villages are often around $49. That’s dirt-cheap.
    • If all else fails, don’t be afraid to look outside the box. Check out and for a different few options. While options are limited, you can score good deals if you keep an eye on both sites.

    Best Times To Visit

    • Lodging is always cheaper during the week than over the weekend. If you visit during the week, you will enjoy cheaper prices on lodging. You will also enjoy a less crowded atmosphere that many find more relaxing.
    • No surprise here, but you should also visit the Dells in the off-season. During the high season in the summer time and winter break for school-aged children, prices will be higher and lines will be longer. If budget is a concern, try visiting Wisconsin Dells in the fall or spring.

    Where To Find Deals

    • If you have a specific hotel or resort you know you want to stay at then try signing up for their email list. Many times these resorts will send out special offers to their list throughout the year.
    • Check out our Wisconsin Dells Deals of the Month page. We know what’s available and we spot a cheap deal, we throw it up on our website! All we charge is a facebook like!
    • Download and sign up for both Groupon and Amazon Local in Wisconsin Dells area. Both apps will have deals in the Wisconsin Dells throughout the year.
    • Google “Wisconsin Dells Deals” and see what comes up. While this tip may not be rocket science, you never know what deals or package offers may come up.
    • Purchase a “Fun Card” for Wisconsin Dells. The card claims to offer over $10,000 in savings on Dells vacation offers. The card also comes with an app and features deals at some of the biggest name waterparks and resorts in Wisconsin Dells.


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