wisconsin dells ducks

One of the most popular attractions in Wisconsin Dells is the  “Ducks” tours offered by numerous companies. These tours take vacationers throughout the dells on “Ducks” by land and over water. The tours showcase the natural beauty surrounding the dells and offer excitement as the “ducks” smoothly transition from land to water.

Yet, most passengers have no idea about the history of “Wisconsin Ducks” before they board the vehicle, much less what exactly an actual “Duck” is. Below we detail the history of the “Ducks” – from what they are to where they came from and much more.

If you’re ready to receive your “Wisconsin Dells Duck” education, read below:

What are they?

“Wisconsin Ducks” are WWII army vehicles used to invade enemy shores. The vehicles are half ruck and half boat – made for travel over land and water. Created for quick maneuvering on the beach, “Ducks” are versatile trucks that can cover a wide variety of terrain.

Where did they come from?

The “Duck” originated in 1942 for wartime use. While the amphibious vehicles are no longer used in times of war, the “Ducks” got their start in the invasion of Sicily. Once proving their worth and exceeding expectations during the war, over 2,000 “Ducks” were utilized in the D-Day landings on the Normandy coast. Thousands more “Ducks” were used during island-hopping mission taking place in the Pacific.

After WWII, the government didn’t see much reason to keep ahold of the “Ducks”, so they began offering the vehicles to the general public through Army surplus. Individuals, entrepreneurs, collectors, museums, fire departments and more took advantage of the sale. Soon, the “Ducks” had made their way into civilian life – taking on a variety of roles. And one of these roles became offering exciting land and water tours for visitors to regions like Wisconsin Dells.

What are Ducks used for now?

Nowadays, the “Ducks” no longer have any military usefulness. While most wouldn’t want an angry gang of guerillas getting ahold of these vehicles, “Ducks” are mainly used as recreational vehicles these days. Tour company’s in Wisconsin Dells, Branson, Missouri and Hot Springs, Arkansas use the “Ducks” to swiftly and seamlessly move from land to water and water to land. The tours offers visitors an easy and exciting way to enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounding the dells.

Why are the Wisconsin Ducks in the dells?

“Ducks” came to Wisconsin Dells in 1946, when a few entrepreneurs envisioned a lucrative tour business with the versatile vehicles as the backbone. Stories vary as to who originally brought the “Duck” to the dells, but the reasoning behind the idea does not. The “Ducks” are in the dells because they provide vacationers an incredible way to see the natural beauty and scenic rock formations throughout the area. As one of the most popular attractions in Wisconsin Dells, you’d be foolish to not take a “Duck” tour the next time you visit.


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