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Get to Know the Area

From crazy amusement parks on “the strip,” to the unique shopping of Downtown Wisconsin Dells, to the gorgeous sightseeing and wildlife—just one weekend may not be enough to explore all Wisconsin Dells has to offer!

Downtown Wisconsin Dells

Downtown Wisconsin Dells features some of the World’s most exciting and unique entertainment.  From gift and antique shops to all varieties of clothing boutiques, Downtown Wisconsin Dells has the best shopping around.  Come out to play early and stay out late exploring the Downtown Wisconsin Dells nightlife.

Wisconsin Dells History

The Wisconsin Dells area (then known as Kilbourn City) first became a tourist destination for sightseers in the mid 1800s.  The first boat tours began in 1856 using wooden rowboats until steamboats were introduced in 1873.  In 1946, the first tour was given aboard a DUKW (now knows as the Ducks).  Noah’s Ark Waterpark opened in 1979, which began the waterpark building frenzy in Wisconsin Dells!

Wisconsin Dells Attractions

Everything Wisconsin Dells says it all. Wisconsin Dells is the destination of choice for every type of activity.   Below you will find 9 different categories to breakdown the different types of fun you can experience in the Dells.  We cover it all!  Each of these businesses is anxious to provide you with the opportunity to make life long memories. They also focus on providing affordable entertainment to fit all budgets. No matter what your budget is you are guaranteed a memorable time in the Dells.

Wisconsin Dells Nightlife

Drinks with friends, Karaoke, or a taste of Vegas…. Wisconsin Dells style!  Come experience what may be some of the best nightlife around.  You haven’t experienced nightlife until you’ve visited Wisconsin Dells.

Wisconsin Dells Countryside

Thick green forests, rolling hills, winding streams, and out-of-this-world rock formations are just a few highlights of the breathtaking natural landscape that makes up the Wisconsin Dells area. You won’t find limestone lined rivers like we have or trails that take you to through some of the best scenery ever.  Wisconsin Dells can give you one of the best tastes of country!

Wisconsin Dells Hiking

Imagine waking up early and hitting one of the many hiking trails in the Dells.  The sun is starting to rise and you are at the top of a rock formation looking around embracing breathtaking natural landscapes that makes up the Wisconsin Dells area. Throw on your hiking boots, grab your favorite bottled water and the map that shows you each trail that Wisconsin Dells has to offer.

Wisconsin Dells Horseback Riding

Whether you desire a romantic Wisconsin Dells stroll through the hillside or trotting along the rocky creeks with family and friends, there is a trail waiting for you!  We are known for providing a great horseback riding experience.  Come check it out in the Dells!

Wisconsin Dells Canoe Trips

Wisconsin Dells knows what it takes to provide the most fulfilling canoe trips around. With the scenery Wisconsin Dells provides, get a group of your best friends together and go exploring the vast waterways of the Dells.

Camping in Wisconsin Dells

Camping is an ancient tradition people have engaged in for decades past and will be continued to be engaged in for decades to come. There is something magical about pitching a tent in the backyard for the weekend with the kids or reconnecting with nature with your friends. Wisconsin Dells has the best camping there is. Move the backyard weekend to the Dells and I promise you will not regret it!