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5 Favorite Wisconsin Dells Activities For Families With Small Children

wisconsin dells attractions for families with small children

As your family vacation in Wisconsin Dells rolls around, you probably begin to wonder how you’re going to keep the kids in line and enjoy a bit of “R & R” yourself. Sure, you’ll check out the waterparks the first day or two, but that means you’re on high alert with a crazed preschooler running around like he’s in heaven.

Thoughts of swim diaper accidents and the “he just learned to swim this winter” drift through your head as you begin to research other forms of entertainment in the dells. There’s only so much parenting one can handle at the waterpark day after day. Mom needs a break, too.

Well, the good news is the dells offers many attractions for families with small children. Once you tire of the waterpark watching, you’ll be able to relax a bit and enjoy other fun Wisconsin Dells attractions with the kids.

Here’s the top 5 Wisconsin Dells activities for families with small children:

Kalahari Indoor Theme Park

Bring your swimmer diapers! At this attraction you won’t be relaxing much as you usher your young one around Kalahari Indoor Theme Park. An awesome arcade and enticing attractions means your child will be running from game to game and ride to ride – often only resting to catch his or her breath. With so much to do, Kalahari Indoor Theme Park offers fun for the whole family – not just the little ones.


If you’ve got little girls (who can sit still for an hour or so), you’ll want to take them to Pinkalicious at the Palace Theater in the Dells. The show features Pinkalicious and her cup cake eating addiction. Once she gets the dreaded “Pinkititis”, she must figure out how to heal her ailment. Unsurprisingly pink, the show was created for the joy of your young daughters. As well, Mom and Dad will be able to relax during this attraction.

Great Wolf Lodge Water Park

Continually named the best waterpark for toddlers and preschoolers, Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin Dells is the best waterpark for families with small children. With attractions like the splash-filled Fort Mackenzie tree house created especially for toddlers and preschoolers – Great Wolf is sure to please.

Wisconsin Deer Park

If you’re hoping to take your toddler away from the madness that is Wisconsin Dells waterparks, there’s no better place to do so than the Wisconsin Deer Park. Featuring unforgettable photo opportunities, your family can get up close and personal with the deer by feeding them. Or you can simply sit back and enjoy the beautiful creatures from afar, but good luck getting the little ones to agree to that.

Tommy Bartlett Show

If your toddlers are high energy little ones who need excitement and action – you need to take them to the Tommy Bartlett Show. This action-packed extreme skiing show will leave all in awe, not just the kids.


    • Hi Crystal! Family Land is now part of the Mt Olympus Water Park. If you stay at Mt Olympus, you usually get free passes! Let us know if you have any further questions!

    • Hi Tareq! WisconsinDells.com does not currently have any deals specifically for families. A huge proportion of our tourists are families or groups so those types of deals are a bit tough to come by. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Let us know if you need any recommendations!


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