Located right in the country’s heartland is a magnificent stretch of river way that has grabbed tourists’ attention dating back to the 1850s. Massive sandstone cliffs line the river and gorgeous natural rock formations are everywhere. These stunning layered stone formations are “the Dells” of the Wisconsin River – a 7 1/2-mile stretch that carves through lands once occupied by Indigenous Americans. The area was discovered by fur traders and was very important to lumberers. Nowadays, the best way to see the beauty of this area is by taking a trip on one of the boat tours available in Wisconsin Dells or by hopping on one of the famous Dells Ducks.

This is What Made Wisconsin Dells Famous

It is truly amazing that these tours down the river are what initially brought tourists to Wisconsin Dells, and even today, tourists are still flocking to the Dells for the very same reason.

In the beginning, tours were supplied by way of rowboats — guides would talk while tourists rowed the boat down the river. Then came the transition to steamboats and then to the monstrous “double-decker” boats that currently make their way up and down the riverway.

The tour guides make sure to encourage the people of today to think about H.H Bennett as “the man who made the Dells famous.” Most significantly, he photographed the river in 1868 and ventured further into the wooded area to get the entire area documented. If you want to have the experience of H.H Bennett, a boat tour can take you through the landscape that he believed in since long before our time.

Sandstone rocks along the Upper Dells tower even more than 75 feet above the river, showcasing lovely tones that transform as the day goes on due to different amounts of sunshine hitting them.

Taking a trip on one of the boat tours offered in Wisconsin Dells really gives you a taste of the past. You can feel the history of the visitors that made the very same trip over a century ago. The tour guides of today’s boat tours do an excellent job bringing history into current trips.

Today, Wisconsin Dells is a top-notch family vacation spot. It is packed full of adventure as well as history. Together they create the ultimate place for a fun-filled, family vacation.


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